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Frequently Asked Questions

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Q. What is a proofreader?

A. Proofreaders are professionals who partner with court reporters to assist in the production of transcripts. In addition to the standard proofreading service, I do basic research of medical and industry terms.

Q. Why should I pay for proofreading services when I can proofread my own work?

A. Proofreaders provide a second set of eyes to provide additional assurance that the end product is a clean transcript. This allows you to spend your quality time on your profession. You may even choose to enjoy more time with your family or other enjoyable activities.

Q. Aren't proofreaders independent of CAT systems? Why do you define yourself as an Eclipse proofreader?

A. I advertise myself as an Eclipse proofreader and work exclusively with clients who use the Eclipse CAT software because it simplifies the proofreading and reconciliation process by allowing the updates to be done directly in the file rather than generating a separate errata sheet.

Q. How can I locate a good proofreader in my area?

A. With the widespread use of electronic communication, you are not limited to using local resources. Many court reporters have great working relationships with proofreaders located hundreds of miles from their locale. E-mail me for more information at the following address:  patwalton@eclipsepatlegalproofreader.com.



Updated:  2013